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Application Introduction

JPX’s smart power control IC adopts a high-voltage process and has both digital control and real-time protection functions to reduce customer system cost and improve power factor efficiency. In recent years, we have cooperated with a number of major international manufacturers on GaN HEMT, smart power supply, USB-PD, and provided the best system combination optimization solutions and technical services in the field of power management control.




65W GaN HEMT adapter

JP8020, GaN/SiC Combo Controller

100W DSP-based Intellegent Power

JP0010, DSP-based Intellegent Power Controller

120W 55" TV Power Board

JP0010-L01/D01, DSP-based Intellegent Power Controller

150W 2C2A PD High Power Factor Adapter

高功率、高效率、高功率密度方案 17 W/in3

55W Flat LED driver

Cooperate with Bridge Lux, Inc. to export to the world.

20W Smart-flat LED

Low-frequency flash, low standby power consumption

Skyworth TV power board

Intelligent control, simplified circuit design, the BOM cost is 5-10% cheaper than the original solution.